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Who We Serve

Medical Delivery Services


Hummingbird Couriers is well-known within the medical industry. That’s because we’re the go-to when a company needs dependable, timely pickup and delivery service. Our team members have been specifically trained to transport medical equipment and pharmaceutical deliveries, from medical records and patient files to lab specimens and medical instruments.

But we don’t stop there — we know the importance of the healthcare suppliers, and we’re passionate about helping them improve the lives of members of our community. Because each and every healthcare customer has unique needs, accommodating those needs through specialized service is what we’re all about. We partner with you, working alongside your team so we can serve the community together.

Legal & Financial Delivery Services

Often, within the world of legal and financial businesses, time is of the essence. That’s where we come in. We provide dependable and timely pickup and delivery service to attorneys, legal professionals, government officials, bankers and more throughout the Louisville area. Whether it’s a court document, a certified letter, mortgage forms or bankruptcy papers, our team is highly experienced in handling such important documents. When you use Hummingbird Couriers, you can rest assured you’re always in good hands.

Architects & Engineers Delivery Services

Architects and Engineers are some of the greatest creators of our time. In today’s competitive market, many professionals in the field need certain documents, contracts, blueprints or even construction equipment delivered to a location ASAP. At Hummingbird Couriers, we have the experience needed for these types of pickups and deliveries. That means less time worrying about transporting materials and more time focusing on what really matters: the skillful work you do.

Manufacturing & Distribution Delivery Services

Manufacturers, Distributors and Third Party Logistics companies all have one thing in common: products that need to be delivered quickly. In addition, manufacturers often need to move supplies or equipment from one plant to another for specific procedures. A delivery provider that ensures each aspect of the delivery process will go smoothly and efficiently is a must, and we’re more than up to the job. Hummingbird Couriers specializes in assisting manufacturing and distribution companies with any needs that may arise — that’s what we’re all about.

Printer Delivery Services

Many Printing Companies have their own delivery vehicles and drivers. But when business is booming, sometimes the company’s driver may be too busy to deliver the urgent packages or proofs that a client keeps calling about. At Hummingbird Couriers, we know the printing industry so well that we can integrate seamlessly into your delivery process and help you keep your loyal clients happy. Don’t have company vehicles just yet? We’d love to help you serve your customers by delivering your products.

Other Delivery Services

Didn’t see your business on our list? Don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered.
While we provide superior service delivering critical materials to a hospital, we’re also all about making sure a bakery’s cakes get delivered on time. Are you feeling overwhelmed with guilt because you forgot to give your brother a birthday present today? Have you left your briefcase behind and are already late to an important meeting? Yep, you can call us, and we’ll get you taken care of. No package is too big or too small for our service. We’re committed to making your life simpler by providing dependable, personalized service.

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